Thursday, May 31, 2007

au revoir

this is some spy vs spy BULLSHIT.

and with that...
we defect
to wordpress

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

pissyrabbits move to a new hutch?!?!

well blogger has FINALLY pissed me off.
(yes KYLE i know....)
Gorm no longer has access to her old email account and as such no access to the admin part of PR
so she asked the blogger help center for a little...
they asked her a bunch of simple questions that she couldn't answer

"when did you lose your first tooth?"
"who is the first person your mother did it with?"
"in which key does a black hole hum?"

and in drunken gormley style, she didn't know the answers.
so blogger told her to fuck off.
i sent an email and i'm guessing they are going to tell me to fuck off too

we have had no access to anything on this site.
not the headers
or changing the age old links that need to be updated
or all of the great renovation plans we had for the future of our beloved cranky rabbits
including some new sections dedicated to cheers and drinking to stupidity
(jesus. as if we dont drink enough already....Gorm, if we start drinking to stupidity we are fucked)
and a possible "disapproving pugs" area (they are FAR less approving of EVERYTHING than rabbits)
i think we are looking for new digs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

also no explaination needed...

my phone shut itself off when i tried to open the one and only text message my mother has ever sent me.

Friday, May 25, 2007

no explaination necessary

Disapproving Rabbits

i disapprove of everything
i know how they feel
maybe i should have been a rabbit

thanks kyle

Thursday, May 17, 2007

mini beast

olivia's 5th birthday was tuesday
she is the love of my life
since she was born we have had this way with each other that is something i never could have fathomed.
and every year she becomes more and more this creature i understand without having to think about it.
she knows her effect on people.
she engages grown-ups in ways that other grown-ups are incapable.
she has this confidence that matches her brilliance
and i am quite sure that she will be able to hold on to it despite everything that happens with little girls that makes them lose their light and their sense of their place in the world.

she asked if i would make her a mix
"like you made for mommy"
when i left her a few weeks ago, I left her with a copy of Homogenic .
She heard one song in the car and said,
"Aunt Jenny!!! Can you play that last song again. I like that song"
it was "All Is Full Of Love"
she is a little alien and i cant imagine life if she had never come to us
i will post the playlist of her mix when its done.
right now its a little heavy on AIR and Le Tigre

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

polar bear

my need for movement is insatiable
everything is changing at this pace that i cant keep up with
blogs, for me, are something that belong to certain times and places.
and when i feel as if i am trapped and pacing around looking at the blank template
and cant write how (or what) i want
i feel the need to move.
but right now i have nowhere to go
so im going to do my best to divert this to something i can be happy with
for now

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

sobriety makes you lose friends

"you are incredibly annoying when you don't drink and i'm going to stop being friends with you soon"